Diplôme CAP Pâtissier Adulte


FABRICATION DE PATISSERIES (date assigned to Miss Pirisi):
Le Jeudi 18 Juin 2015, 07H30
– 15:00
7hrs max.


Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle (CAP)


Diplôme CAP Pâtissier Adulte, is a French diploma qualification for adults (over 18) in the studies of French pastry. For adults, the program is only 1 year where the student alternates his/her time between school and the internship. The Diplôme CAP Pâtissier for ages under 18 requires students to attend the program over 2 years.

The adult program automatically removes high school studies such as mathematics, chemistry, languages, history, geography, etc. Only if you can provide your High School Diploma and it’s been approved.

The CAP is a French qualification open to French and non-French citizens, however you must have at least an intermediate to advance level of French because the exams written and oral are in French. If your French is a basic level you can apply to have a translator or ask for 15 minutes more. I have details about this to come later .

There are two ways that you can undertake a CAP Pâtissier program: the first is by enrolling into any of the schools in France that deliver this program. The second option, is a Candidat Libre.

Candidat Libre students do not go to school, however must study and prepare for subjects by themselves. They will sit for the written exam and do the practical exam with the rest of France’s CAP students, same day, same time. All students receive a letter of CONVOCATION outlining exactly the date, time and for which subject you will have. For Candidat Libre you will be designated a school or location where you will undergo both your written and practical exams. I advise to Candidate Libre students to visit the school before exams to get familiar of where you have to go for theory, and of course to familiarise yourself with the lab. for the practical exam.

Exams (examen en francais) are spread over 3 days (in June):

Day 1: Prevention, Sante, Environment (PSE) has duration of 1 hour

Day 2: Approvisionnement et Gestion des Stocks dans l’environment professionnel de la patisserie has 2 hours allocated. This exam involves 3 Parts (3 parties):
– Partie 1: Technologie de la Patisserie (20 points)
– Partie 2: Sciences de l’alimentation (20 points)
– Partie 3: Connaissance de l’entreprise et de son Environment Economique, Juridique et Social (20 points)

Day 3: Fabrication de Patisseries: you have 7 hours, this includes 30 minutes to complete an organigram, that is, an outline of your fabrication. The rest of the day is your fabrication of 4 parts:
1. entremet
2. tart
3. pate a choux (eclairs or religieuse) or pate feuilletage, such as mille-feuille, chaussons aux pommes (no yeast in a simple pate feuilletee)
4. viennoiserie, that is, pâte levée feuilletée, any fabrication that has yeast (levure), such as brioche, croissant, pain au chocolat

The day of the practical exam you will be given a theme. You need to apply the theme to your creations. If anything just to your entremet. You will be given three themes in advance way before the exam, you will have time to think about the three themes, however only on examination day will you have one of them. Surprise! This year, 2015, the themes are: Fetes des Meres (Mother’s Day), Route du Rhum (a yaht race), and Haute Couture. 

To the exam (examen) you must bring: your CONVOCATION (letter is sent to you by mail), identity card or passport and your equipment. Regarding equipment a list is attached to the convocation. The convocotion is your timetable, it outlines the date and time for all your subjects, it also identifies YOU why you need to bring it with your identity card or passport.

On the exam day you must arrive 30  minutes before. You will be asked to sign in and at this moment you must hand in your card identity (passport), your convocoation and telephone, all is put in a large envelope which you will have returned when you hand in your exam.

Do you need to have a CAP patissier en diplome? If you want to live, work for someone or start your own business in France, a minimum qualification, that is, a CAP (of any sort) is a requirement. A CAP qualification is not an obligation, however, you have more doors opening if you have this. Your other option is to work for someone for 3 years minimum (so I’ve been told) which becomes an equivalent of a CAP, this is if you want to approach the Chambre de Metier to start your own business.

So, do you plan to live here, work here or start a business in patisserie? Then a CAP is for you. Good luck!


CAP Pâtissier (Diplôme) subjects to the links on my blog:

CAP Pâtissier subjects (sujets) to prepare for written and practical exams. I created these posts from the collection of past CAP Patissier exams (Years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) plus extra notes from class and work books (Je prepare mon CAP de Pâtissier, Le livre du CAP pâtissier). The questions and answers I’ve kept in French as you have no choice but to take the exams in French. Click on the subject link to go directly to the post.

And, the link to previous CAP Patissier exams for both practical and theory (with answers): http://www.crdp-montpellier.fr/ressources/examens/consultation/epreuves.aspx?choixdip=5002213600

Sugar (le sucre)

Salt (le sel)

Flour (la farine)

Cream (la crème)

Milk (le lait)

Butter (le beurre, la margarine, les huiles)

Eggs (oeuf et ovoproduits)

Water (l’eau)

Gelatine (la gélatine)

Aromas (les arômes)

Fruits (les fruits)


Food science (sciences de l’alimentation)

Science applied to appliances and equipment (Science appliquees aux locaux et équipements)

Proteins, Fats, Carboyhdrates (Protéines, Lipides, Glucides)

Business, economic, political & social studies (Connaissance de l’Entreprise et de son Environment Economique, Juridique et Social, C.E.E.J)

First Aid (SECOURIR)

Produits Alimentaires Intermédiaires (PAI)

Prevention Health Environment (Prévention Santé Environnement, PSE)

Abbreviations (sigles)

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