Marshmallow Oreos by MadCharlotte


It’s time for fluffy wooly jumpers and snuggly UGGS. The cold has arrived. Aah…. autumn en France, is a quick skip-step-and-a-hop to winter.

Despite the cold there are perks to winter, such as, beautiful sunshine, many cuddles under blankets and warm beverages.

MadCharlotte’s French chocolat chaud is one of the best perks of winter. A chocolat chaud however is made even better by adding an OREO marshmallows.

This winter, MadCharlotte is launching MadCharlotte marshmallows. Floating in your chocolat chaud, these artisanal made-with-a-whole-lot-of-love marshmallows become a cloud of sweet frothiness. It’s a whole-lot-of-fun mixed with a ton of delicious! Ouh la la!!! J’en veux!

Pictured above are OREO marshmallows. The best!

Cuddle up this winter with MadCharlotte. Feel’n the love.

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Persian eclairs by MadCharlotte


It occurs to me that I’m not very familiar regarding the history of Persia (Iran), nor Persian people. However, when I think and say the name, “Persia”, it evokes beautiful ideas, even some childhood fantasies. A story of Aladdin’s flying carpet, Persian cats, genie in a bottle and wishes coming true. As a young girl how I envied those beautiful Persian women, their flawless fair skin in contrast with their long flowing dark hair. I’m still waiting to have both plus a few wishes come true.

Persia, gives a mystical sense don’t you think?

Patisserie has in fact brought me back to mystical Persia. The best quality pistachios come from Iran, the former Persia. I find myself in the 15th arrondissement in Paris (earlier I Googled: Persian ingredients + epicerie + paris) in the Iranian epicerie district. What a discovery!

It is truly a trip to Iran. I felt like a major tourist. I’ve never seen so much choice for pistachios!  I’m spoilt for choice. I’m seeing rare and precious ingredients such as dried rose petals and buds, sweet delicacies some of which I recognise but mostly I’m in foreign land. Now my mind is flowing with ideas. Change game plan.

MadCharlotte is in Persia, and is here to stay, for a while. Turning fantasy into reality is the first wish to make come true, that is, after installing a GPS on the flying carpet.

Persian eclairs: Iranian pistachios and rose petals decorate a pistachio cream filled eclair. Chocolate garniture is French couverture chocolate.