Les Guinguette marshmallows


MadCharlotte marshmallow ” Guinguettes” collection! Inspired by les Guinguettes popping up all over Paris and Parisian suburbs over the summer, particularly my favourite called La Javel located by the River Seine.

Raspberry marshmallow Guinguettes are fabulously social. Let the cabaret begin! Let’s dance! Let’s drink!

Just bring yourself, and don’t forget friends, and let’s have a fantastic time!

WIKIPEDIA: “Guinguettes were popular drinking establishments located in the suburbs of Paris and other cities in France. Guinguettes would also serve as restaurants and, often, as dance venues. The origin of the term comes from guinguet, indicating a sour white light local wine. The 1750 Dictionnaire de la langue français, defined Guinguette as a “Small cabaret in the suburbs and the surrounds of Paris, where craftsmen drink in the summer and on Sundays and on Festival days. This term is new.”

La Javelle Guinguette Effervescente: https://www.timeout.fr/paris/bar/la-javelle-guinguette-effervescente

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