Strawberry Saint-Honore

DSC_3586Laduree, Champs-Elysee the year 2009. I discovered the famous French dessert classic, Le Saint-Honore. There’s more, it was the flavour combinations that caught my attention. I’d never tasted ROSE. I’ve certainly never tasted raspberries and rose together.

“This officially is my favourite dessert. I must learn to make it”. It all began here. Laduree, Champs-Elysee, the year 2009.

It was not only the flavour combination but the textures. All that is so great in French pastry I believe to be in this one dessert. At least all my favourite things of French desserts. Let’s break it down.

A Saint-Honores comprises of:
– a flakey and crispy base called mille-feuille 
– Profiterols or en francais “choux” round air pastry balls
– Pastry cream, creme patissiere  or creme anglaise intense with fresh flavours fills les choux
– Coulis, a jam adds to a more intense flavour and another dimension of texture
– Chantilly, a foamy whipped cream because it adds lightness to the whole dessert
– Real fruits add freshness

It’s a lot of work. But it’s well worth it. I really enjoying making this particular dessert because it involves so many aspects of patisserie. I will of course be making more of the Saint-Honore in different flavours and styles.

The styling for this particular photo comes from an influence of now living in Versailles. Le Chateau de Versailles is only footsteps away from my studio and I’m feeling very much like Kirsten Dunst in her role as Marie-Antoinette.

But more recently the Chateau de Versailles celebrated its annual event, Le Grand Bal Masque (The masked ball) with attendees dressed up in costumes of the time, Baroque style which includes wearing masks all evening leaving much intrique to a very fun and perhaps naughty evening.

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