Strawberry mille-feuille


Strawberry creme patissiere is the star of my mille-feuille. It’s summer in France and we are swimming in a sea of red fruits. A whipped vanilla cream chantilly, Gariguette strawberries and mini-mint leaves as decor.

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a mille-feuille. At Ferrandi we rolled out pastry with a rolling pin, our hands and our arms attached! Muscle in! It’s long, lengthly and terribly time consuming. In the real world of boutiques, hotels and restaurants in France, there is the pastry roll-out machine. But for a one-man show it’s the old rolling pin, hands and arms.

I remember those Ferrandi days. I was in the slow section when it came to understanding the technique called the “turns”, a folding and turning technique in order to achieve those “thousand layers”. There are the double turns and single turns. How many to do of which? Which way to turn? Thankfully those confused days are behind me now. Now, it’s just a matter of time.

Achieving your first mille-feuille is like doing your first magic trick. Something about being let-in on a secret. Then once you’re in, you’re hooked. However, it does require day planning because it takes about 1 day. For me, with other things on my plate, I’m doing it over 2 days, that includes the puff pastry plus preparing the creams and decor.

For the moment it’s a personal Miss Pirisi dessert. Will need some time before I hand it over to MadCharlotte.


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