Le Paris Cheesecake

DSC_3648MadCharlotte’s Le Paris Cheesecake like her New York sister is baked and creamy as. What makes her Parisienne to MadCharlotte? It’s the addition of fresh fruits. In France, we are in July/August which means we are right in berry season. Those red fruits, the raspberries…. oooh…just so damn beautiful that it seems an injustice ONLY to eat them alone. If berries are speaking to me they’re definitely saying “Put me with an already awesome dessert and together we’ll totally kick-asse”.  And as I know the Frenchies are huge fans of the old New York Cheesecake, I thought about how I can marry a little anglo with a little franco… Et Voila! 

For more MadCharlotte eye-candy come over to http://www.madcharlotte.fr !

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