MadCharlotte in MoulinRouge


MoulinRouge MadMinis are Can-Can dancing all over the place! They’re loving life because roses are in full season and raspberries are spreading their beautiful red blush all over the French markets. Et ce soir it’s La Fete de la Musique en France!

As I walk down the winding staircase of our  1700s Versailles building I can smell the roses that are in abundance in the central garden courtyard 2 floors down. l find it strange –  I don’t think I’ve ever smelt so much natural rose in actual nature, only ever from a  bottle.

Why MoulinRouge (no space)? Her elegance, her bravery, her bright reds, she shouts for attention but in an ever so classy yet cheeky way. The green tige hula hoops in a cercle or gives us a straight kick up in the air like a Can-Can dancers legs. She wears also black, like the fishnets that form the dancers and gold like the dancers in all their fabulously wild accessories. Chic and sexy, after all she’s for the lucky few to see and enjoy.

MoulinRouge is a dessert perhaps limited to this season, we’re in June and I think having her for a short time makes her even just that more special. Now back to smelling the roses. J’adore!…lah…!! WhoHo!

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MadMini Praliné-Citron


MadMini’s: Praliné ganache. Lemon zest ganache. It’s the perfect duo to bring together a gooey praliné interior hidden inside a hazelnut Friand (Financier en france) cake base. Oh la la la…!!!!! MadCharlotte is NUTS for HazelNuts!

I’ll be honest. Mastering the “duo” effect is not as easy as it seems. Trying to get the conistency of two types of creams – one who’s features are more like a ganache and the other a softer-lighter “creme montée” (mounted cream) – is a challenge. However, it’s going to have to stay on the menu because it really is delicious. Praliné (almonds/hazelnuts) and citrus flavours make for a perfect combination.

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