Strawberry Charlotte MadCakes

MadCharlotte Strawberry “Charlotte” is a celebration of French strawberries. A natural madeleine cake base with a strawberry surprise inside. A strawberry cream whipped up like those Italian ice-creams just as I remember in Rome. Crunchy sprinkles to add texture to the smooth and creaminess of the cream. A Mara des Bois strawberry known for their petite size and extra sweetness makes it a perfect decor. A Swiss meringue for that extra something.

The strawberry cream is just … perfect…. A “chantilly” in French to it’s reputation is light, airy, not sugary and all but savour. A chantilly that is made of only the best French full fat cream, Belgium-French white chocolate and strawberry puree, and therefore no need to add any sugar. I love when I create with ‘feel good’ ingredients.

Note to self: this is the first time I’ve made cakes with a whole fresh stawberry inside. Good idea in theory, not so good in practical. I’m new to the world of “cupcakes” coming from a world of French pastry, and I’m finding it not so easy. So this recipe will need modification but it definitely has potential. The strawberry whipped cream is perfect though. No changes there.

For more MadCharlotte eye-candy come over to !


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