Ganache, a very sexy concept


Ganache is a very sexy concpet. You name the dessert, tell me it’s got “ganache” and I’m going for THAT one! I don’t think I’m alone when I say this. Why is a ganache so sexy? I think firstly because chocolate’s involved. Chocolate that has been melted into flowing lava liquid then swirled in with silky cream and, or even a fruit puree or deep nutty praline or pistachios. A ganache seems to have all the good bits of patisserie swirled into one. It’s soft and melty in your mouth…. whooh….And it’s the word itself… G..a.. n… e. Super sexy!


MadCharlotte’s (en francais!) Macarons NU avec une ganache de chocolat noir sexy melangée à une purée de framboise. Ouh la la !!!

MadCharlotte NAKED macarons with a sexy ganache interior of dark bitter sweet couverture chocolate and rapsberry puree. Oh la la !!!

DSC_2714MadCharlotte is feeling the summer fever with exotique fruits, it’s Macarons NU (en francais!) a la ganache de Mangue et Fruit de la Passion. Oh la la… i’m feeling the heat. Get ready summer here we come!DSC_2704

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MadCharlotte “Charlotte Macarons!

It’s a strawberry romance with Charlotte macarons, a gorgeous cream cheese vanilla bean ganache zested with lemons …. it’s so sweet, so dreamy. Addictive. Like a summer vacation filled with endless amounts of strawberries, romance and champagne!


For more MadCharlotte eye-candy come over to !


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