Cannoli di ricotta da Signorina MadCharlotte!


Signorina MadCharlotte is crazy in love with sexy Italy…. oh la la la…. La Dolce Vita!!! She has never been able to choose between her two lovers, France and Italy. They are her two loves. But as the summer approaches there is something in the air…. the warm breeze… it’s the call of Italy’s la dolce vita!!!

Signorina MadCharlotte (A.K.A Signorina Pirisi) cannoli is a celebration of Italias favourite cremas. Then an orange confit which has been infused in aged old rum is folded through this heaven of Italian creaminess.  Is that not just … MAMMA MIA! This is La Dolce Vita!

Signorina MadCharlotte

Strawberry Charlotte MadCakes

MadCharlotte Strawberry “Charlotte” is a celebration of French strawberries. A natural madeleine cake base with a strawberry surprise inside. A strawberry cream whipped up like those Italian ice-creams just as I remember in Rome. Crunchy sprinkles to add texture to the smooth and creaminess of the cream. A Mara des Bois strawberry known for their petite size and extra sweetness makes it a perfect decor. A Swiss meringue for that extra something.

The strawberry cream is just … perfect…. A “chantilly” in French to it’s reputation is light, airy, not sugary and all but savour. A chantilly that is made of only the best French full fat cream, Belgium-French white chocolate and strawberry puree, and therefore no need to add any sugar. I love when I create with ‘feel good’ ingredients.

Note to self: this is the first time I’ve made cakes with a whole fresh stawberry inside. Good idea in theory, not so good in practical. I’m new to the world of “cupcakes” coming from a world of French pastry, and I’m finding it not so easy. So this recipe will need modification but it definitely has potential. The strawberry whipped cream is perfect though. No changes there.

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Miss Charlotte Pavlova

13227085_987654207998161_3326353897742640979_nMiss Charlotte Pavlova celebrates the 69th CANNES Film Festival with the red carpet of strawberries.

Mara des Bois French strawberries dress la “Miss Charlotte Pavlova”: a marshmellowy French meringue with a blush of soft pink, a Mara des Bois strawberry mousse whipped cream and in the heart of it all is a Mara des Bois strawberry coulis.

Oh la la la!!!

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MadCakes banana, tonka & marmelade


MadCharlotte is having crazy fun with bananas! Yup banana MadCakes !!!

Banana cake is topped with a whippped cream made of a creamy milk couverture chocolate infused with some “X-factor”, that is, tonka beans. Oh la la la! Something South American. Love!

Inside is a petite surprise, un petite “ZING” that is a lemon-apricot marmelade to celebrate summer. Decorations are some chocolate crispy crunch and something pretty, afterall, it’s the season to flourish.

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Ganache, a very sexy concept


Ganache is a very sexy concpet. You name the dessert, tell me it’s got “ganache” and I’m going for THAT one! I don’t think I’m alone when I say this. Why is a ganache so sexy? I think firstly because chocolate’s involved. Chocolate that has been melted into flowing lava liquid then swirled in with silky cream and, or even a fruit puree or deep nutty praline or pistachios. A ganache seems to have all the good bits of patisserie swirled into one. It’s soft and melty in your mouth…. whooh….And it’s the word itself… G..a.. n… e. Super sexy!


MadCharlotte’s (en francais!) Macarons NU avec une ganache de chocolat noir sexy melangée à une purée de framboise. Ouh la la !!!

MadCharlotte NAKED macarons with a sexy ganache interior of dark bitter sweet couverture chocolate and rapsberry puree. Oh la la !!!

DSC_2714MadCharlotte is feeling the summer fever with exotique fruits, it’s Macarons NU (en francais!) a la ganache de Mangue et Fruit de la Passion. Oh la la… i’m feeling the heat. Get ready summer here we come!DSC_2704

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MadCharlotte “Charlotte Macarons!

It’s a strawberry romance with Charlotte macarons, a gorgeous cream cheese vanilla bean ganache zested with lemons …. it’s so sweet, so dreamy. Addictive. Like a summer vacation filled with endless amounts of strawberries, romance and champagne!


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Portugal inspiration


MadCharlotte is inspired!

Crazy for Portuguese mosaics and a long awaited summer in Portugal MadCharlotte’s summer mosaics the saveurs of the meditteranean: mango, passionfruit, coconut and blue caraco .. it’s summer which means cocktails by the beach and sunshine all around. MadCharlotte’s off to Portugal this summer.


I am inspired by a photograph hanging over our table – at Saudade restaurant, the very chic, cosy and sexy Portuguese restaurant in slightly bobo area of Saint-Louis Versailles – it’s a facade of a house in Portugal. The facade of blue and yellow mosaic square tiles.  It’s simple but ever so inviting. I’m curious. I’ve never been to Portugal but with these bright colours I’m feeling a holiday to Portugal is long overdue. This photograph of these mosaics.. what is it about the blue and yellow. There’s something about it.



DSC_2387En francais: MadCharlotte est une bombe. Elle a sa COCO BOMB!!!

Les COCO BOMBS sont une folle idée de MadCharlotte faites de crème chantilly en forme de boulle et poilues de noix de coco râpée. Au milieu, une explosion de saveurs de mangue et fruits de la passion.

In English: MadCharlotte is da bomb. She’s got da COCO BOMB!!!

COCO BOMBS are a mad idea de MadCharlotte to make a coconut whipped cream rounded like a big coconut ball and furried up with coconut shavings. In the centre are bomb flavours of mango and passionfruit.

Coco bombs, golf balls, pom-poms… as you want! Which ever they’re the bomb!

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