MadCakes Pistachio & Raspberry


MadCakes Pistache-Fruits rouge sont fabuleusement superbes et deicieux : Petits gateaux madeleine cakes avec une base nature aux zests de citron et fruits rouges. Chantilly pistache, pistaches caramelisées pour le crunch et une touche de luxe de framboise et feuille d’or. Oh la la.. c’est trop MadCharlotte !!!

MadCakes Pistachio-Red Fruits are fabulously gorgeous and delicious! : Petits gateaux madeleine cakes made with a zested sponge base filled with red fruits. Pistachio whipped cream decorated with crunchy pistachios, and for that touch of luxury raspberry and a gold leaf. Oh la la la….. it’s so MadCharlotte!!!

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Le BIG cookie



Monsieur MadCookie all 15cm diameter of COOKIE DOUGH FULL OF CHOCOLATE CHIP GOODNESS. Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!…. I want some of that!

Only the best ingredients why it’s so DAMN delicious: 70% French-Beligium couverture chocolate, real raw sugar that brown stuff that gives that gorgeous caramel flavour and NO refined sugars, and of course French butter…. ooohh la la… !!! I’m addicted to the BigMadCookie!

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Above, les plus petits cookies individual sizes are possible too with MadCharlotte. It’s just sometimes she’s in the need to have something BIGGER.

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