Mosaïque, Mosaic …..

DSC_1963MadCharlotte is Mad for mosaics  and cubism (Mosaïques en francais). 

It’s been 2 months and I’m still trying to decide on tiles for the bathroom. There’s too much choice. I’m sleeping, dreaming, breathing, thinking “mosaics, mosaics, mosaics….”. I can’t take it anymore. I’m going out of my mind. So finally I employed an interior decorater.

It’s easier to take out my mosaic fantasies on patisserie. I got this idea, what if I just did cubes and arranged them like mosaics. No fancy macaron, chocolate or sugar decorations to fluff-up the cubes. Just cubes as they are but in mosaic. The texture and flavours of the mousse should speak for themselves. This new obsession for mosaics-cubism comes from the need to simplify patisserie in terms of its visual aspect. I’m feeling overwhelmed by patissiers over-designing their desserts, too much frou-frou for my taste… I’m needing to get away and concentrate on textures and flavours, to enhance them. In terms of design, I’m a minimilist. So for now it’s mosaic-cubism.

The white cube is a mousse cheesecake. A cheesecake I find is always a WIN, WIN. The Frenchies have really taken to the modern Philadelphia cheesecake. On a menu its often  the first to sell out. However, this is not a baked cheesecake. It’s a mousse cream made with a combination of French liquid cream at 35% m.g, and Philadelphia cream cheese. The white glacage is made with the principal ingredients of  Cacao Barry’s <<Zéphyr>> white chocolate, liquid cream and vanilla beans.

The caramel looking cube is a flavour of praliné made from Valrhona’s Gianduja chocolate. The glacage is made with the principal ingredients of liquid caramel, Gianduja and vanilla beans. Gianduja is what I call a Haute Couture product, simplified it’s a mix of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.  It’s incredibly rich in flavour and can get many addicted. Gianduja is really an amazing product and it’s also amazingly expensive! But for me it’s an investment because I believe it to be one of the best discoveries I’ve had since entering the pastry industry. Perhaps it ignites sweet memories of eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Miss Pirisi et MadCharlotte

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