MadCharlotte: les sacs, la marque


You can imagine my excitement when I received my first order of MadCharlotte bags from the manufacturer. Visualising your brand is one thing but when it’s brought to life it’s another thing altogether.

But wait….let’s not get too excited (even though I can’t help it!!!), MadCharlotte is still in her infancy. She is at a very fragile stage. It is only last October of 2015 I registered MadCharlotte as a French brand. Then, the next step was to make her an official business and I did this in March of this year (2016). MadCharlotte’s menu is still very much in conception, that is, choosing the very best recipes, testing them and creating a personalised look that is MadCharlotte. It’s a start-up and I’m all alone to do this project so I need to create a menu that’s in my capacity. MadCharlotte is launching into a very competitive market so it requires savy thinking: How can she be different? What can she offer that’s different or done better!?

Over the last two years I’ve been delivering my patisseries in no-name white bags. Larger orders caused a problem. I’d have to bag the patisseries in the competitors bags! Because these bags are large, rigid, of good quality and are made exclusively for heavy cake boxes. So when I’d arrive at chez le client, they’d react with instant excitement but confusion, “Cafe Pouchkine!” or “Pierre Herme!”  or “Patisserie des Reves!” Depending on which bag that day I used to deliver MY PATISSERIES. You can imagine I was annoyed by this and I knew it had to stop. So I thought if I’m really serious about launching on my own I’ve got to get serious.

What I make and why I make it is special because my heart is in it 110%. I hope that when the client receives something from me/MadCharlotte, that they for a moment feel truly special, or at least feel they have received something special. The same feeling I get when I receive a little gift from Chanel, perhaps it’s only a lipgloss but it’s super special because it’s Chanel! or a petit gateau from Ladurée. A petit luxury even if it’s for a moment, if we can do that for you when we hand over a MadCharlotte bag then we are the happiest gals ever!

Miss Pirisi et MadCharlotte.
Des petits plaisirs, un petit luxe.

For more MadCharlotte eye-candy come over to !

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