Citron meringue cuppuccino style

MadCakes for MadCharlotte : A madeleine base sponge cake, an insert of lemon cream and an orange marmelade. An Italian meringue swirled and curled with a teaspoon to create this kind of frothy cuppuccino look. A love a very generous meringue over lemon tarts (tarte au citron), there is something about diving into an edible white cloud, kind of like diving into a very inviting bubble bath!

When using a a piping tip, which we often do in French patissserie, we achieve a more uniform and regulated look. And I did try at first to create a kind of bubble dome with a piping tip No.20 (already quite large) but it just wasn’t Xtra-large enough. I was looking for that over-fluffed, over-abundant, really way out there gourmand look which made me look towards a more Amercian-English meringue finish, and the Brits, Yanks, Aussies, Kiwis do so well that messy look when it comes to meringues especially for pavlovas. I find the messy look is actually quite hard to do, in fact, what you see here was my third attempt or third batch. My God how much egg white did I use up and sugar… !

LOOKBOOK as in fashion is a way of presenting different styles and this is my “lookbook” on this particular creation. At the same time I play/learn with my semi-professional camera, a D7000. I like to think I’m a sort of Karl Lagerfeld/Tom Ford, both well known for taking photos themselves of their collections.


For more MadCharlotte eye-candy come over to !




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