Cupcakes à la française Vanille-Citron


I don’t make cupcakes. It’s not my thing. I didn’t pay the BIG EUROS at the prestigious ecole de Ferrandi (Paris) to make cupcakes.

So what do I find myself making this weekend….

I can’t lie I’m drawn in by the wave of patissiers who are challenging the cliché anglo-saxon dry sponge and sugar overload mini cake to make something … well…. more French.

So when I was asked to make “des cupcakes ou comme des cupcakes” I could go only one way and that’s the French way. Voila. Cupcakes Frenchie-fied… I think.

DSC_0923Frenchie-fied because I’m not looking for classic anglo-saxon sponge recipes which traditionally have a bad wrap for being dry and heavy.  I’m looking for French recipes. The French pay very close attention to textures usually with the intention to create a dessert that is “légère” and that brings about EMOTION. [Emotion, it’s meaning in French patisserie = a balance of flavours, textures and esthetiques usually with the intention of igniting memories of special places and/or special someones]. DSC_0934A French Genoise sponge can bring about such emotion. Made up of egg whites that are whipped into happy fluffiness and once baked the sponge is “imbiber”, that is soaked in a syrup, either natural or infused with juices, purees or milk. You have something light in the mouth yet moist and intense in flavour. Here, miss pirisi collection of cupcakes a la francaise are made with the genoise idea however this particular recipe the French call a “biscuit”, in other words, sponge. This biscuit type genoise is more Mediterranean as I’ve included olive oil, sour cream and juice of limes, lemons and their zests. We stay light in texture, moist with a lovely fresh flavour. DSC_0946I’m a gourmande. I think food can be sexy. I like sex appeal to my desserts. I want to see a dessert and I want it to speak to me “have me right now”, or the look on a man when he really wants you! or a gorgeous Giorgio Armani hot-red lipstick, a gorgeous pair of black heels! Shall I continue???DSC_1006La chantilly is whipped up with mascarpone and cassonade sugar.  I added Bourbon vanilla grains with Vanilla essence. The vanilla now becomes slightly caramel in flavour due to the cassonade and essence. The round flavours need a pick-me-up so lime zests are perfect for that contrast. The round TUILE is simply sugar caramelised.


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