Cupcakes à la française Poire Williams


Let’s not get carried away here. Just because it’s my second post on cupcakes does not mean I’m getting into the cupcake business. I’m a French trained pâtissière afterall.

As I’m not a fan of cupcakes I thought this will be a sort of project for me, that is, to create something I’d want to eat as a NON CUPCAKE FAN.


I’m a fan of Friands like so many Australians. Egg whites fluffed-up (or not) and mixed in with dry ingredients including almonds and icing sugar to give a moist and crumbly texture. However, I do realise because of the almonds Friands are heavier than a French genoise sponge so I made them in mini-size. I added pears and their juice giving a subtle flavour and ensuring the mini-cakes stay moist (avoid drying out) over a longer period of time.

La Chantilly (whipped cream + sugar) has a split personality of natural and pastel green. The pastel is to say there’s a little Poire Williams alcohol. The French like to add alcohols to their patisserie depending on the traditions and regions of the particular patisserie in question. When it’s right it can be a wonderful ‘exhausteur de goût’ lifting the ingredients to their potential.

Bon, voila. There you have it.

Ciao et à tout à l’heure!

Miss Pirisi de Sydney – Pâtissière at her new digs in Versailles, Côté Saint Louis.


2 thoughts on “Cupcakes à la française Poire Williams

  1. hello. thanks for your email, kindly send me the recipie of cupcakes a la francaise poire Williams , it seems so delicious and I love to make it , I m the pastry chef from lecordon bleu London. hope u will send me the recipie too thanks

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    • Bonjour Seema,

      Thank you for your interest and coming by my site. There is no exact recipe as I’m trialing and testing ideas. I have a base recipe and I change it. Next time it’s something different. You can take any Friand, Financier, Madeleine, Genoise or other standard sponge and from there vary the recipe, for example I added pears and juice. La chantilly I do that by taste now not by recipe. I’m sure you can come up with something wonderful too, creativity is the key here. Good luck!


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