The sexy savours of Valentine’s

DSC_0835“Ginger is a powerful aphrodisiac” so ancient medicine tells us. Oh la la..!!!

When creating a dessert for VALENTINE’S DAY I’m looking for something that excites and stimulates the senses and what better liaison than of GINGER (GINGEMBRE) and DARK CHOCOLATE. Two ingredients well known for their feel-good benefits.

LOVE HEART dark chocolate and ginger infused mousse-ganache sits over a crunchy biscuit made of hazelnuts, speculos (cinnamon) and gianduja milk chocolate. Perfect if you desire to get your teeth into someone…. ops….. something!!!DSC_0869_2Sparks of gold dust splashed over a dark chocolate cacao glaze…. Kind of like those sparks you get from that special someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

P.S And even if you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day treat yourself anyway!

4 thoughts on “The sexy savours of Valentine’s

    • It’s a chocolate mousse Eva. Like I’ve mentioned before I do not follow recipes, I mix and change them during the process, as all my creations are a first test. It’s the quality of the chocolate that you use that will determine the savour.


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