MontBlanc for MadCharlotte

IMG_2609Mont-Blanc (MB) creation by miss pirisi (moi) reprsenting my new concept brand, MadCharlotte (MC). A classic French dessert made up of chestnut cream, whipped cream (chantilly), French meringue and sometimes and in this case and blueberry confiture sitting in a shell of sweetened pate sucree. The French have many interpretations of this. The traditional Mont-Blanc you would have seen in a pyramid or dome shape. This is just my one interpretation inspired by the works of various patissiers.

4 thoughts on “MontBlanc for MadCharlotte

    • My recipes come together from various sources and then I change them to suit the savour I wish to push through my desserts. There are multitude of recipes out there Eva, everyone from Conticini, Pierre Herme, Bellouet Conseil, Valrhona, etc…… I’m sure there is one out there that suits your tastes.

      Eggs??? Not at all. Pâte de marron, purée de marrons and crème de marrons plus butter.


  1. Douille vermicelle. If you google “Mont-Blanc douille” you’ll get the photo of what you need to use. Vermicelle is a noodle why it’s called douille “vermicelle”. Yes, if you’re doing large quanitities you can use a potato ricer like at Angelina’s in Paris (so I’ve seen from photos) as they are doing large quantities (I assume).


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