Agen + Cognac = Brownies by miss pirisi

DSC_0778These days my morning coffee is champeroned with either a croissant or another coffee. I live in France.

I don’t remember the last time I ate a typically Australian breakfast which can mean eating a food pyramid (proteins, carbs, vitamins, etc). In Sydney when there was no time to conquer pyramids I was on the “go, go”, in and out with a coffee in one hand and an energy booster of some kind like a chocolate brownie in the other.

I’ve been so caught up in learning the complicated art of French pastry with all its compositions, textures and gestures that I’ve become a pastry snob and neglected what I know to be “home”, good old fashioned Australian baking. 

So here it is…. good old fashioned Australian brownies “Frenchified” (sorry… can’t help it).

DSC_0815Prunes grown in the Agen region of France have been soaking for about a week in Frances best, Cognac. Dark and milk chocolate have been melted into brown sugar (I love it for its caramel flavour) and Normandy butter (where the happiest cows live). The Cognac not absorbed by the prunes goes in the mixture anyway. This chocolate brownie is at its ultimate gooeyness!!! A dusting of 100% cacao just to keep some level of composure. There are no words….DSC_0827Un cafe allongee et un brownie slvp!


Miss Pirisi

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