Macarons par Miss Pirisi

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Top to bottom:
Coffee macarons: Cafe, (2 photos) :  “Cafe Sydney” because of it’s creamy coffee saveur and I’m a Sydney gal (miss those cafe lates and cuppocinos Sunday mornings along the esplanade at Bondi Beach).
Chocolate macarons: Chocolat, (1 photo) : “Intense chocolate” a chocolate ganache to die for, totally indulgent.
Vanilla macarons: Vanille, (1 photo) : “Mad Pod Vanille” is a traditional Creme au Beurre recipe with the grains of Madagascar vanilla pods.
Pistachio macarons: Pistache, (1 photo) : the earthy reddish/green shell representative of the raw pistache, pistache cru.
Caramel Toffee macarons: (2 photos) : “Gooey toffee caramel”. Each have their own personality, can you tell?
More flavours saveurs coming soon.
Peanut butter macarons: beurre de cacahuète, (2 photos) : “Skippy” is peanut butter made to ganache with milk chocolate and is totally for kids and grownups!
Lemon macarons : Citron jaune, (1 photo)”Citron ZING!”, Citron jaune cremeux, a lemon cream that has a balance of sweetness, freshness and zing!
Mint macarons: ganache Menthe-Chocolat, the After Dinner Macaron. A mint cream with shrapnel of dark chocolate throughout. Get 27, a French green liqueur lightly colours but doesn’t perfume enough so I’ve added a few drops of mint essence, the french call it an “exhausteur de gout”.

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