Les desserts par miss pirisi are finally here! Yipee….!!!

IMG_7297 IMG_7299

Love Kanako’s illustrations. I discovered her work when I signed up to receive my monthly goodies, My Little Box from My Little Paris. God I wish I came up with that idea… a box full of little goodies every month for only 15 euros. Inside the box you get cosmetics, fashion, all that feel-good girly stuff, puts a smile right back on after having read the monthly Visa bill.

My Little Dolce Vita Box is the background for my very first “promo” cards. I say promo and not business because I don’t have a business officially. It’s just a card for when I meet people (who are tasting my experiments and trials) I’m not having to spell out my name, my facebook page, my wordrpess, my email, etc…

It gave me a warm fuzzy and very exciting feeling when I received the cards. It feels more official that this new found passion can actually blossom into something very real. It’s exciting! Yipeee!!!  Gosh, I hope I can make many people really happy 🙂


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