The taste of Santorini


We’re coming up to the summer holidays in France and the French will soon part to their vacation homes…. Normandy, Bordeaux, Provence, Marseilles. Moi, noh... I don’t have vacation home (yet) so I feel free to change direction and this year I have a desire for the Greek islands. Whether I actually make it to Greece this summer is to be seen but for now I enjoy the fantasy.


The white architecture, the freshness & spark of lemons, skin-body goodness of Greek olive oil (a recent gift from a friend) and the warm breeze coming in from my balcony into the kitchen have me reminiscing of my visit to Mykonos and Santorini in 2005.  The freshness of it all is intoxicating yet so calming. I’m going to call this dessert, Santorini. DSC_1955

Santorini, she’s a dessert  with a biscuit base made up of Greek olive oil (a gift from a friend), French creme fraiche and organic lemons and oranges. The centre is a cremeux citron (like a curd but lighter and airy) and the white chocolate mousse outer layer that has been infused with the skins of citrus fruits over the last 24hrs. For the final touch white glacage and citron confit of lemons and oranges.

Mon cheri and I sit on our balcony, we love this weather in France but we still talk about perhaps a little trip to Greece this summer (and Marseille, Bordeaux and Provence)… one spoonful at a time.

Feel the warm breeze…..aahhhh….


Miss Pirisi

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