When life gives you lemons put a cherry on top.


This dessert is inspired from me simply having too many cherries (if they go off I’ll be sorry) and one beautiful bottle of citrus liqueur, Limoncello.

Tarte au Citron or tarte au biscuit… Normally we see a tarte au citron in its classic form with an actual sweet dough (pate sucre) tart base but this seems to be the fashion now with patissiers that is to replace fiddly dough bases and millefeuilles for these almost cheesecake like biscuit bases. Hey i’m all for it, less work for me.

Why Limoncello? The other day I find the neighbour’s keys still in her front door. Turns out she’s in Italy. When she returned she gave me a beautiful Italian liqueur, the Limoncello as a thank you for guarding her keys . I couldn’t be happier. It’s a shame to waste such a beautiful liqueur on recipes but I just had to try a little bit. The rest of the bottle stays chilled in the fridge perfect for a Sunday afternoon digestive just before siesta.

The many lemons that I seem to accumulate, why I don’t know, are perfect for a typical french recipe, crème au citron. Cream of lemons, in english, flavoured with Italian liqueur of Limoncello is what I came up with. Once the crème au citron is well chilled in the fridge (overnight I prefer) then it’s possible to pipe in a well rounded teardrop. The biscuit base is reinvented from French biscuit favourites (speculos & petit beurre) which are crushed and thrown together with shavings of roasted coconut and melted butter. Press it. Cool it.
And like all good things in life add the cherry on top.


At 4,95 a kilo for cherries and market days 3 times a week…. geez… what am I going to do with all these cherries??? cherry mousse… cherry shake… cherry cream…


Miss Pirisi

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