Who will be the next Aussie pâtissière in France?

The Thinkess

It’s not easy to be an Australian chic at the age of somewhere in my 30’s and to be a debutant in patisserie in France, specifically in Paris. No one will give me a go. I’m not experienced enough I’m told, “You are an amateur”. I wasn’t aware I was in a competition. But apparently I am. French television has a program called Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier? where 18 to 26 year olds compete against each other for the title of who will be the next big thing in patisserie. This is la mode now. Each participant has already 6 to 10 years experience! The majority of patissiers start this profession in France at the age of 15. How on earth can you decide your entire life’s career work at age 15?!!!! I’ve changed professions at least 3 times… well, now I’m paying for it.

So the question is…. Is there a place for me in France, in patisserie? And i don’t mean with the dishes.

I have a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Instagram… Bloglovin, Linkdinpark, and my teeny-tiny kitchen with it’s shoe box size fridge and oven… but is it enough? It’s time for the next step but where does that take me? I really dunno.

Miss Pirisi

The Thinkesse

3 thoughts on “Who will be the next Aussie pâtissière in France?

  1. Just finished reading through your blog and I wanted to tell you yhat it´s really fantastic. Keep going, you´ll find your place, ma y be it´s in Paris, maybe not. Who knows for sure what the future will bring.

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