Tarte à la rhubarbe, fraise, amandes et meringue italienne


Tart of rhubarb, strawberries, almonds and Italian meringue.

The mountain of meringue teardrops is inspired from my time at Tour Eiffel (Le Jules Vernes, Eiffel Tower). Like all my internship experiences I wasn’t permitted to do this kind of work. “Steal with your eyes” and so I did and continue to do, it’s the only way I’m able to learn is to practice chez moi.  And at least à chez moi when my desserts are made and photographed I can sit down and share a bottle of Australian De Bortoli wine avec mon cheri (a little souvenir from our trip to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia in 2012).


At the Tour Eiffel (Le Jules Verne) the tarts were put in the oven for a 2-3 minutes at a very high temperature, if I recal 230C (or higher) to bronze the meringue. Chez moi I torch the meringue with a tiny gas burner, I like the colour it gives.

DSC_2948 - Version 2

In terms of taste and texture this would have to be the tastiest tart I’ve ever made or eaten. The recipe was inspired by Claire Heitzler’s recipe of Tarte à la rhubarbe, fraise et amandes. She doesn’t specify how long to cook the rhubarbe and as I’ve never cooked, chopped or done anything with rhubarbe I was surprised to discover they cook fairly quickly thus her recipe of perfectly cut rods of rhurbarbe became my rhubarbe puree which meant I had to change directions.


The components of Claire Heitzler’s recipe are all there except fot the meringue italienne (I write recipe names in French).

The components are en francaise: Pate sucree, creme d’amande, amandes en batonnets pour d’étre CRAQUANTE, rhubarbe, fraises et meringue Italian. In English: Sweet dough, almond cream, crushed almonds for crunchiness, rhubarb and strawberries and Italian meringue.

I decided to add the Italian meringue because I felt the tart without it was okay but nothing really outstanding in taste. But when you add the Italian meringue it takes the level of saveurs to a whole new level. I’m very flattered to have been asked by a friend if she could adopt this tart for her new business in Chicago.

WordPress limits me on the photos I can upload, so for more pics follow me at my Facebook page, Miss Pirisi – Patissiere. See you there and LIKE the page, would love your support 😉 Merci.

Miss Pirisi


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