Tart pistache, framboise et creme d’orgeat.


It didn’t occur to me when I finished this dessert it resembled the Taj Mahal, well at least that’s what I was told. Mmhh… I thought perhaps it’s more of a garden variety sort of dessert.


I’d had these raspberry purees spheres in the freezer from another recipe, so I figured I’ve got to stick them in something, so why not a bigger sphere and that’s when I whipped up cream dosed with syrup of orgeat (almond) and filled up larger spheres (you can see the result below). Then what am i going to do with spheres, I’ve got to put it on top of something, noh? Hence the tart base “pate sucre” being made. Voila. The cream d’orgeat contains zest of lime. I find any excuse to zest lime into something, the fragrance is so intoxicating in a real uplifting way.


In brief:

Dome sphere : creme d’orgeat, raspberry gelee, and the exterior is a velour spray Verte Deco Relief used for entremets (frozen mousse).

Tart base: Pate sucree, sponge biscuit pistache, raspberry gelee.

To see more pics of this dessert you’re welcome to follow my regular updates on Facebook: Miss Pirisi – Patissiere.


Miss Pirisi

P.S, Note to myself: to have firmer cream if 35% is not available add white chocolate and /or pastry cream. “Les petits astuces” I learnt.

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