Etoile de mousse a la fraise


I’m a fan of the velours coating for my entremets and I’m loving BLANC (white).

The strawberry mousse is made of this seasons (it’s May in France) Gariguette strawberries, the strawberries are then sweetened with condensed milk. This is then blended to make a puree. To give a mousse texture I combined French cream (35% fat) with a couverture white chocolate and this gets whipped up but not too firm so I can combine it well with the strawberry milk puree. It’s as simple as desserts can get. And if you’re creating this dessert right in the middle of strawberry season you get a powerful burst of flavour which means there’s no need to add sugar, icing or caster. It’s perfect for verrines or any type of drinking glass. If it’s going to be an entremet, that is a mousse that stands alone without support, then in order to hold itself up and not collapse it’s going to need a generous amount of gelatine.

The velour coating is cacao butter + white colourant which comes in a can, DecoRelief is the brand. You’re supposed to heat the can but I didn’t, it works just as fine. The mousse however has to be straight from the freezer, the idea is that the ice cold  will react with the warm spray (expected to be at 40C), this gives a thermic shock which gives a velvet-suede look. If you over spray then the coating will begin to crack but if it’s not thick enough then it’s see through. Gotta find that happy medium.


Shop: Spray Perle Velours Blanc (for entremets) by Deco Relief 17,40euro.

For regular updates on desserts I create/experiment with, check out my Facebook page, Miss Pirisi – Patissiere. There’s less reading and more pictures. Kind of how I like things.


Miss Pirisi

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