Michalak Masterclass – Autour du Saint-Honoré

DSC_0707 DSC_0775 DSC_0739
Yann Menguy is our Chef for the themed French dessert, Saint-Honoré. In 2013 Yann met Christophe Michalak during the filming of Frances latest food reality show, Qui Sera Le Prochain Grand Patissier? (Who is the next big Patissier?)  where he was not only a contestant but the runner up. This reality show jumped started his career enormously and for good reason. Yann is an exceptionally talented patissier and passionate. Today, class of 12 students are all ears, pencils to paper, aprons to waist, spoon to cake (we have a little tasting before the class) and of course it’s smiles all round. Christophe Michalak pops his head in from time to time which has the ladies quick to grab the iPhones for a celebrity photo snap.

A Saint-Honoré by tradition is round, the base is a mille-feuille (puff pastry), then 3 choux (profiterols) filled with a pastry cream sit on the base, whipped cream is piped between the choux and something decorative like fruits decorate the top. “Autour du Saint-Honore” means in the theme of Saint-Honoré, creating new and fresher versions of the classic. It also means using the components of the Saint-Honoré to create new desserts. Patisserie is very much like fashion, it evolves. To avoid your classics becoming extinct you need to keep them interesting, fun and appealing for today’s and tomorrow’s market.
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Michalak Masterclass
60 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière – 75010
Tel: (33)1 42 46 10 45
Metro: Line 7 Poissonnière or Cadet
Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00 (midday) to 7pm

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