Graduation et Merci


Les comrades.

What a dynamic and talented group. I believe that every student graduate in this photo is going to have an amazing future because each one of them has strong desires, passions, love, energy, friendships, kindness, eagerness, willingness, and strength. I can’t wait to see where we all are in 10 years. Good luck to Group A, class of February – July 2013. You’re awesome!

The Chef and I.

Chef and I

I imagine it’s not easy to teach a class mixed with so many different nationalities, experiences, ages and personalities year after year. His humour I imagine keeps Chef somewhat sane for the most part (and perhaps some good French wine) and us students more calm. “Don’t take things so seriously Pirisi, its okay, CA VA” is about what he said to me on my first week when I cried over my pate feuilletee not able to work out what a bloody ‘TURN’ was or “TOUR”. So panicked by my lack of ability to perform perfection on my first week my Chef managed to calm me and put a little perspective with some humour.

Somehow I’ve retained all the info and techniques he’s taught me and I continue to practice them always trying to achieve that level of perfection. Simply the way of holding a palatte when doing glacage or keeping my workbench organised or even my posture as I work, these little things stay with you. So from the Aussie gal who’s going to make it as a French patissiere in France, Merci to you my Chef Didier Averty and of course to my comrades. Mwah! xxx

Miss Pirisi

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