Coffee with Pierre Hermé

It’s come to my attention that Pierre Hermé has his elbows up in coffee beans. He’s always up to something in the world of saveurs, this time it’s with two coffee varieties: Cafe Bourbon Pointu de la Reunion and Iapar Rouge du Brésil. He’s expressing these coffee varieties through a limited collection called Infiniment Café. The collection includes viennoiserie, entremets, tarts, and millefeuille. But there’s a catch. The collection is only available until 20 October.

Here’s the hit of coffee I had at Pierre Herme (from top to bottom): Moka Infiniment Cafe Iapar Rouge Bresil, Chou Infiniment Cafe and Millefeuille Infiniment Cafe Iapar Rouge du Bresil.


Note: This is not the full Infiniment Cafe collection. To see and taste more visit the Pierre Herme website, or better yet, visit his boutique.

Pierre Hermé Boutique
72 rue Bonaparte 75006
Adjacent to Saint Sulpice Cathedral
Metro: Saint-Sulpice, Mabillon, Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The background photographs I used to display Pierre Hermé cakes are those of Australian photographer, Carla Coulson. Her photographs are from her published book Paris Tango, and the book My French Life, author Vicki Archer.

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