(In) Week 1 of internship at Le Jules Verne Tour Eiffel, Paris

Jules verne


I’ve started my internship this week at Le Jules Verne as an intern pâtissière, Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower) in Paris, and I will get details up on how its going as soon as possible. For now my posts remain in drafts.

But just quickly….

So far it’s been 3 days only but it feels like a week, in a good way. I’ve been learning heaps, watching and doing a lot. Im also taking the instructions in French which means I have to be double attentive.
I like the speed during kitchen service. I’ve assembled, prepared and even plated desserts.
I like that the kitchen is small – there’s less to clean.
I like that I am not 1 of 9 interns. I am the only one.
I like the repetition for the moment because it allows me to practice.
I think Im lucky with the Chef I have, he’s certainly hard on me but he’s fair and he takes care to teach me and pays attention to the team to ensure they’re showing me things. That’s pretty cool.
I like the idea that there are clients anticipating what Im putting together for them. Especially when I hear the Chef say, “VIP client”, and I watch my plate go out.
I would like to work faster so that I can advance to do more complicated things.
I like that at Jules Verne there is the opportunity for two internship experiences: the restaurant service where you work in the restaurant learning to plate desserts, and then there is the laboratory where you do all the preparatory patisserie stuff as you would in a boutique patisserie.
I love that my office building is the Tour Eiffel (Eiffel Tower). I take the lifts up 125 metres and that’s only to level 2! In the morning during my lift ride I have my very own special moment with PARIS. She’s so beautiful at 7am.

Thats all for now.

BonSoir to you. And to my beautiful Tower, I’ll see you tomorrow for another speedy day 😉

Miss Pirisi

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