Mother’s Day, to my beautiful MARIA!


To everyone she is MARIA. And everyone knows MARIA’s laugh, it’s her signature. She’s also Sydney’s best beauty therapist, I know because I’ve had to share Maria with her adoring clientele. To me, Maria, is my gorgeous, funny and elegant mother. A woman who has the energy of the world. A woman who is focused and knows what she wants and gets it!

Thank you mum for encouraging me and supporting all my choices, including the big one that was moving to Paris. Thank you for all the advice you give particularly when I’ve got the big crocodile tears. Thank you for always, always staying positive and being so damn logical. And I just love your view of life. I love you mum!

Happy Mothers Day MARIA! en francais: Joyeuse Fete des Meres MARIA!


Love your daughter from Paris.

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My mother, a teacher and a business woman. Inspiring everyone!

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