Coffee style in Bologna


A tour of one of Italy’s most chic Northern cities could not start without having a good shot of espresso. Buying an espresso in Bologna also gets you front seats of the best people watching that Italian fashion show can bring without having a VIP pass. The turnover of patrons in Zanarini bar and others like it, is pure entertainment – kisses on cheeks, hands waving and the big, “Ciao”. While at the bar, I hoped to study the collection of Italian pastries but instead I curiously studied Zanarini’s stylish patrons and waiters while mentally throwing out my Parisian wardrobe (I wonder what their patissiers wear?).


Your Northern Italian waiters bring you personality, style and “Ciao!” with your coffee.

Zanarini’s clientele of lawyers, barristers, models, (et moi) are strategically placed in viewing point as the bar sits on a corner of two main streets, and it’s large windows open to the piazza and high fashion boutiques.


Bologna, the city of arches, so no need for an umbrella, only a good coffee, pasticceria (pastry) and a layer of Northern Italian style.

Piazza Galvani,1
40124 Bologna, Italy
+39 051 275 0041

P.S, Miss you Bologna xxx

Love Miss Pirisi.

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