Paris, my wife. Italy, my mistress.

Love Italy

For now, I see it like this:

Paris is my wife. I am loyal to her because I love her dearly and deeply. I know her. I chose her. She is my soul. She is what I call home.

Italy is my mistress. I fantasise about her regularly and I want to see her whenever I can. She is the fire and the passion that rages inside of me. I’m in love with her. She makes me a better person. Yet, I don’t  know if I can leave Paris.

Since my recent trip to Italy, I realised something …… I’m caught between two loves.

2 thoughts on “Paris, my wife. Italy, my mistress.

  1. well, I started to think … and if your logic is correct (because I also love Paris, don’t know why), I chose my mistress!, I’m a floozy??!


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