How to mold chocolate?


Gelatin egg molds.


The set gelatin egg mold is positioned into a larger egg mold.


Brush chocolate then pour. This is how you’ll have an hole in your chocolate egg because the gelatin mold will be removed once the chocolate is set.


The left mold has the gelatin egg mold which is now covered with chocolate by brush.


Now pour the chocolate to the rim of the molds.


Now tap with this hose looking devise (yellow tube) it’s to bust the bubbles in the chocolate. You do this before flipping the molding tray upside down.


Quickly turn mold upside down and tap with the yellow tube/hose. This process is so messy!


Scrape away excess chocolate.


Place mold upside down to set onto little blocks before pouring your second & or third layer of chocolate. After your last layer of chocolate place the mold directly onto the tray (flat surface) and not on the blocks.


Egg mold with no gelatin mold. Very straight forward. No need to brush chocolate just pour up to the rim.


Making chocolate balls or spheres. Again no gelatin just simply pour chocolate to riim.


This is a circle ring. Fill it completely with chocolate and set it in fridge. This will be your base for your egg structure for example.

2 thoughts on “How to mold chocolate?

  1. The gelatin mold is when you want to create an imprint in a chocolate mold. Take a look at the chocolate egg sculptures (link attached below) referring to the Three Little Pigs by me and even better example is the piece by Jacek, The Emporer’s Egg. He made a gelatin mold of a rooster and placed that into a large egg mold to which he would pour tempered chocolate. Once the chocolate egg set he could remove the gelatin rooster mold and that leaves the imprint of a rooster.


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