Cheesecake with Christmas fruits


Cheesecake with Christmas Fruits

The original name of this entremet is, Fruity White Cheese Squares, at least that’s what it says in our recipe books. Perhaps it’s one of those lost in translation, French to English things but I’m not exactly thinking cake when I read the title. So, I’ve evolved the name and calling it, Cheesecake with Christmas Fruits. I wanted to call it, Grandmother’s Sara Lee Cheesecake with Christmas fruits, but too long and I think I would be stepping on some kind of copyright law with the whole Sara Lee name. But, it’s a compliment I think because when I took a bite of this entremet I was reminded of the Sara Lee cake I so often had during the hot Sydney summers and my impatience for it to defrost, eating the whipped cream first while I worked down the hardened cream cheese and to the frozen strawberry centre… ooohhhh… However, with this entremet, Cheesecake with Christmas Fruits, I found it lacking something. I don’t know if it’s an unhappy marriage of the fruits and white chocolate, or the white chocolate mousse being a little dull. This recipe asked us to use Creme Fraiche and I have a feeling using mascarpone &/or cream cheese would have given that X factor it’s missing. Creme Fraiche of course is lighter. It’s certainly appealing to the eye but like my Mon Cheri said diplomatically, “It has potential”. I would like to revist this entremet because I do believe also it has potential.


The base is an almond biscuit. But what does that really mean when pretty much most of the sponge bases in French patisserie is made of almond? The ingredients for this almond biscuit base is: almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, icing sugar, flour, egg whites, brown sugar and granulated sugar. The base wasn’t too bad.

Over the base we spread a generous layer of what’s called in our recipe book, Pears Marmalade, which for me is a little confusing because it’s more than that, it’s bascially a basket of Christmas goodies: Cranberries, Pears, Dried apricots, Currents, Orange grated zest/juice/liquor, granulated sugar, and cinnamon powder (recipe also contains gelatin and water).

The “White Cheese Cream”, is made up of the ingredients: Cream Fleurette, Cream cheese or Creme Fraiche, Brown sugar, and yolks (recipe also contains gelatin and water). The French tend to use Creme Fraiche mostly but it’s just not as inviting as using mascarpone or cream cheese. This is really only my opinion coming from my own tastes and the information taken from chit chatter amongst our group during taste testing.

Find recipe for the CHEESECAKE mixture below.IMG_3808_2

A wonderful look into how large productions are made. Once frozen we cut them into indivdual sizes.


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