Individual recipes you will need to complete chocolate and coffee eclairs are, [in italics en francais]: 
Pate a choux choux or profiterols 
Pastry Cream la crème pâtissière
Coffee Cream la crème au café
Chocolate fondant fondant au chocolat
Coffee fondant fondant au café

Refer below for ingredients.


Pate a choux for Eclairs and Religieuse (Nuns)


Mark with flour on a buttered baking tray


Tip No.12 or No.15


Butter beurrer 


With a small tip make 3 holes on the base (bottom) of eclairs


Fill with pastry cream (pictured is coffee cream)


Always make chocolate pastry cream after making coffee psstry cream




Fondant into the mixer


For coffee flavoured fondant


Adding the coffee flavoured fondant


Glacage (pictured is chocolate)


Glace with fingers.


My eclair babies are home!

Pate a Choux
Water, 250g
Salt, 5g
Sugar, 5g
Butter, 125g
Flour, 150g
Eggs, 220g

Pastry Cream (Creme Patissiere)
Milk, 1000g (1 litre)
Egg yolks, 90g
Eggs, 100g
Granulated sugar, 250g
Custard powder, 50g
Flour, 50g
Vanilla pod, 1
Butter, 100g

Chocolate Pastry Cream (to fill the eclairs)
Pastry Cream (above), 600g
*Chocolate Ganache a Parfumer (below), 200g

*Chocolate Ganache a Parfumer (for the chocolate pastry cream)
Liquid heavy cream, 1000g (1 litre)
Dark chocolate 55%, 1000g
Cocoa paste, 200g

Coffee Pastry Cream (to fill the eclairs)
Pastry Cream (above), 750g
Coffee Essence, 15g
*Homemade caramel, 15g

*Homemade caramel
Sugar cooked

Coffee Fondant (glazing on top of the eclairs)
Fondant, 1000g
Water approximately, 20g
Coffee essence, 25g
Glucose, 15g
Yellow food colouring

Chocolate fondant (glazing on top of the eclairs)
Fondant, 1000g
Water approximately, 100g
Cocoa paste, 300g [see photo for: la pâte de cacao]*
Glucose, 100g
Red food colouring
Use fondant approximately at 37C.


*La pâte de cacao or le cacao en pâte is obtained from when the cacao beans are roasted. It’s texture is similar to that of Vegemite or Marmite, a thick ganache consistency. It is used in patisserie in its 100% pure form to flavour and give texture to creams, mouses, cakes, caramels and in other chocolate preparations. It gives an intense flavour without the addition of sugar.

Ingrédients of Cacao Barry : cacao en grains.

Teneur en cacao : 100%
Teneur en M.G. : 53% (Matière Grasse is fat content)
Teneur en beurre de cacao : 53%


3 thoughts on “Eclairs

  1. cocoa paste? I would be delighted if you could enlighten me as to what it is! Or perhaps where I may be able to purchase it? My own efforts via Google haven’t proven very fruitful unfortunately but I would love to have a go at the chocolate eclairs. Thank you for providing us with such an interesting blog! Catriona

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bonjour Catriona,

    Thanx for passing by my site and for your lovely comment.

    It perhaps doesn’t translate well. In French, it’s called, la pâte de cacao. To answer your question I’ve updated the post explaining what is Cocoa Paste [la pâte de cacao] and I’ve included a photo. Cacao Barry is one of the most reputable (along with Valrhona) brands in our industry and it’s why I’ve posted this particular product. In Paris you can buy it from G.Detou, a wholesaler of professional ingredients to the public. Otherwise, you will have to source it from the web. Don’t get too hung up on using this ingredient. For example, Chef Patissier Jacques Genin has a wonderful recipe for his eclairs, a simple glacage recipe made of chocolate, cream and sugar caramelised. Using pâte de cacao is just a simple and efficient solution to flavouring certain preparations such as fondants for eclairs. I hope I’ve answered you. Don’t forget to look up at the post again for the explanation of cacao paste.

    Cheers and thanx again,
    Miss Pirisi


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