Sweet Chérie

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This post I dedicate to my Sweet Cherie,

I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful she is. How delicious. Her red and chocolate colours, her moussy textures, her layersings of sweet cherries and chocolate, and the saveurs of those sweet cherries with a parfume of kirsche. Oh, and she wears those macarons so well, not too much just a couple to decorate her glacage. Ooh la la la!  She is why I want to become a patissier. I almost had a fit when a student said Entremets aren’t her thing, “Don’t say that over my Sweet Cherie!”

It has taken days to complete Sweet Cherie because each time we add a layer we need to put that into the freezer before we add the next. Also, we alternate the completion of other entremets (cakes). You can imagine how I anticipated her arrival home. I didn’t want to be too selfish and have her all to myself, so I shared her with my neighbours who have said she is their favourite so far.

Sweet Cherie is a perfect marriage of the saveurs of chocolate and cherry (and a little part kirsch), and this is certainly one to keep on the menu.

IMG_3897 IMG_3898IMG_3855 IMG_3854  IMG_3851 IMG_3853 IMG_3888 IMG_3889  IMG_3900IMG_3902 IMG_3905 IMG_3953

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