Feuillantine noisette croustillante au chocolat


Feuillantine noisette croustillante au chocolat

A whole lot of chocolate, a whole lot of mousse and whole lot of crunch deserves attention. I can’t believe this is school work. This is by far what I call learning how to make food porn. Totally delicious. It’s why this recipe in one variation or another is frequently on a restaurant menu. Perhaps it will come in a petite round form on your plate beautifully decorated with chocolate syrup or even a raspberry coulis. The one made at school was prepared as a huge slab. Don’t blame me for wanting it all. And, in fact, a classmate of mine confessed to me she did have it all! It took her 5 days to get through it, “It was so delcious!”.

A 1 large frame 60/40, 35 mm high is used to make the cocoa biscuit which in fact is a recipe for biscuit a cuilliere with cocoa powder added.


Chablonage: Once sponge has cooled (if I recall we removed from freezer). Melt choclate and spread on the biscuit sponge, then turn it over so that the melted chocolate spread is underneath the sponge. This will become a nice thin chocolate base.

IMG_3481 IMG_3485

Feuillantine Praline is made up of milk chocolate, hazelenuts, praline and feuillentine which is crispy wafer flakes. You will not find in the supermarket feuillentine, instead look for Gravottes in the biscuit section, once you put the wafers in the bowl crush them with your hands to make small flakes which then becomes “Feuillentine”.

IMG_3494 IMG_3499

Praline Chocolate Mousse is a combination of praline, dark chocolate and liquid cream which made to a chantilly, that is, whipped cream.

IMG_3500 IMG_3503

IMG_3504 IMG_3507

With a patisserie tool called a comb, with one stroke or one comb move through the mousse, it will create ribs (kinda like ribbed stockings only in mousse). Freeze.

IMG_3509 IMG_3511

Out of the freezer, we need to remove the ring/frame and we do this with a blow torch/dryer. Refer below, then we take the spray gun/hose and spray chocolate. That’s fun!


Decor: We take noisettes, hazelnuts and almonds and dip them in cooked sugar (250g sugar, 60g glucose and 60g of water over the stove). Keep on stove the cooked sugar and keep at low temperature or even turn off stove. Put toothpicks into the nuts dip them into the cooked sugar, creating a toffee exterior.

A similar recipe to this is Pierre Herme’s Carre from his book The Best of Pierre Herme.

G.Detou in Paris: is where I buy my ingredients such as feuillantine, couverture chocolates, praline paste, hazelnut paste, hazelnuts, cacoa powder.

Supermarket, any: gravottes (feuillantine), cream 35%, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, flour, and milk.

Utensiles/equipment such as the entremet frames “cadre”: MORA in Paris and EMB Mora in Versailles.

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