The Opera is more tastier than it sounds


Coffee butter cream
Granulated sugar, 400g
Water, 120g
Egg yolks, 60g
Eggs, 140g
Vanilla bean, 1
Butter, 720g
Coffee essence, 40g
Caramel*, 10g

Cook the sugar with water to 121C
Beat the eggs and yolks lightly, add the contents of the scraped vanilla bean
While whisking, add the cooked sugar to this mixture
Whisk till cool
Incorporate the softened butter in ‘pommade’ consistency
Flavour with the cafe essence and caramel
Whisk together
For use it is preferable to soften the butter cream in a bain-mairie
If the cream will be stored in the fridge, it is preferable not to whisk it to volume now but just before use.

*How to make caramel? 200g sugar in a casserole and heat until it’s caramalized (almost a burnt colour), add 10g of water

[This recipe is the owner of Chef Patissier Averty from l’ecole FERRANDI. Last updated, February 2013]. 

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