Equateur is an entremet with a layering of chocolate mousse and creme brulee with a subtle infusion of orange. Your first bite is into a fine layer of crunchy toffee. Yum! Yum!

2 entremets diameter 20cm

Creme Brulee
Milk, 100g
Liquid heavy cream, 280g
Granulated sugar, 60g
Egg yolks, 80g
Vanilla bean, 1/2

Heat the milk, cream and vanilla
Whisk yolks and sugar together
Pour heated milk over the yolk mixture and whisk
Pour into 2 moulds of D 20cm (250g)
Bake in oven of 100C maximum
Freeze after baking


Creme brulee in professional usage silicon moulds. After baking we freeze. The silicon enables us to pop out the creme brulee with ease.

Coffee Dacquoise 20cm
Egg whites, 200g
Granulated sugar, 15g
Tant pour tant, 320g
Nescafe, 4g
Orange zest, 4g

Mix together the almond powder, the icing sugar, the instant coffee and orange zest in a blender
Beat the whites and add the sugar in a 3 step phase: 1 at the beginning, 1 halfway and the last at the end
Fold in the almond powder mixture, the instant coffee and grated zest with a spatula
Pipe with a pastry tip No.8 or No.10 in the form of a tart base
Bake at 180C
Remove from oven when it is still moist, lightly coloured and firm.

Coffee Genoise Diameter 18cm
To be made the day before
Eggs, 200g
Granulated sugar, 100g
Coffee essence, 8g
Flour (sifted), 100g

Whisk the mixture of eggs and sugar on medium speed for 20 minutes
Add the coffee essence at the end
Delicately fold in the sifted flour with a flexible spatula or a skimmer
Bake in an 18cm diameter ring minimum height 4.5cm at 180/190C
Cool completely before removing from the ring
Make this genoise the day before

Imbibage Coffee soaking
Syrup 1260, 140g
Water, 60g
Nescafe, 10g

Coffee Saint-Honore cream
Milk (heated), 350g
Granulated sugar, 135g
Egg yolks, 160g
Custard powder, 35g
Gelatin sheet, 8g
Water, 40g
Egg whites (whisked in KitchenAid), 270g
Granulated sugar, 15g
Orange zest, 10g
Coffee essence, 20g

Stick the creme brulee to the dacquoise bse with the cream the assemble cream
Then stick a layer of coffee soaked genoise

Assembly cream
Pastry cream, 250g
Liquid heavy cream, 100g

Make a pastry cream (creme patissier) paste
Add the flavours
Add the beaten egg whites delicately
Smoothen the entremets slightly dome shaped
Finish with 2 layers of icing sugar caramalised with a heating iron.


[This recipe is the owner of Chef Patissier & Professeur Averty from l’ecole FERRANDI. Last updated, February 2013]. 

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