Into the Black Forest


Foret Noire is a Black Forest cake. This particular recipe was more mousse than sponge. Growing up in a Hungarian household Black Forests made a regular appearance – must be that Austro-Hungarian thing – and I don’t remember it being so moussy. This recipe I found very endulgent, delicious and lighter than any Black Forest I’ve ever had. My classmates thought the same and were not shy about going for seconds and thirds. However, there were a few comments on the level of alcohol content of the cherries. Yes, the level! Griottine cherries (a type of French cherry) are soaked in Kirsch or some other high alcohol liquor. Then, we soak 3 layers of sponge with what’s called the ‘Soaking’, which is made up of Syrup 1260 (sugar+water) and Kirsch. As much as I love a good alcohol in cakes to give it that pinch of X-factor, I have to say that it’s possible to fail a breathalyzer test if you over consume this Black Forest. But, I love it. It’s just something to think about when selling this one to customers who will serve it up to granny and grandkids.

The chocolate sponge is a Genoise, a type of French sponge cake, then cut into 3 parts.

Chocolate chantilly, that is, chocolate whipped cream, for one layer and for another layer we use a vanilla whipped cream.

Then, for the chocolate shavings. We spread melted choclate couverture over an iron tray, let it set and then with a metal scraper we push the chocolate to create what we call, cigarettes. The round tube shaped flakes of chocolate.

Have a look at the photos below.

IMG_3365IMG_3368IMG_3375IMG_3376IMG_3813IMG_3814IMG_4023IMG_4024IMG_4025IMG_4026 IMG_4020 IMG_3966IMG_4067IMG_4069

Until the next entremet.

Miss Pirisi.

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