Barquettes aux Marrons


Barquettes aux Marrons, is a pyramid of chestnut+rum cream on a soft biscuit+rum base. The centre filled with a layer of blueberries. The outside glaze is 1/2 chocolate ganache, the other 1/2 coffee. Butter cream for decoration.

Un barquette is a a little boat. When you see the cake moulds  you understand why they’re named after little boats. But, when finished, I can’t help thinking ‘football’. Whatever their look, they’re delicious. But, I will say the rum is a little potent and that’s perhaps due to the quantity of rum or the quality.

When you take your first bite you’re  instantly hit by a rich almond butter cream and rum alcohol, but this richness is broken up by the taste of blueberries.

Mon cherie adore les Barquettes aux Marrons! He made the same comment as Chef, ‘to eat this there is the right moment’, and for mon Cherie that’s in the morning with a coffee.

 First, we made a sweet dough, Pate Sucre. Then laid it over the barquetttes moulds. Pressed the dough against the mould with left over dough, rognure, which we made a ball out of.


To break away the dough from the moulds, we rolled over two rolling pins. Then with a fork pierced the sweet dough.

IMG_3053 IMG_3056

With a small tip size we piped the chestnut cream into the barquettes. Then added the blueberries, les myrtilles.


Now, for the almond and chestnut cream to make a pyramid/triangle plus the coffee and choclate ganache over the barquettes that you see in the above photo …. well, I forgot to take photos. Sometimes, we’re moving from one recipe to another recipe and we have to be quick and voila. … no photos. If anything, I need photos so that I can go the lesson of that day.

Until the next French dessert recipe.

A bientot.

Miss Pirisi.

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