Roulade Griottines


What you see here are many spirals of sponge coated with raspberry jam. What you don’t see is the Vanilla Bavarois, an indulgent mix of creme anglaise and whipped cream. And within the layer of this indulgence is Griottines, a fancy name for liqueured-up cherries.

There are 5 parts to this recipe. We made the following:

1. Biscuit Rolls
2. Vanilla Bavarois
3. Biscuit a la cuiller
4. Griottine Soaking
5. The clear (yellowish) glaze

The sponge which is layered with raspberry jam is the first thing we made in this recipe. To make the sponge, ‘Biscuit Roll’, we creamed ingredients together (in a KitchenAid) and then spread the creamed mixture out onto a large baking tray. The baking tray was prepared with baking paper which was stuck down with butter (in a X). When baked the result was a thin soft sponge. The ingredients are nothing more than egg yolks, egg whites, granulated sugar, flour and butter. Refer to the photos directly below.

IMG_3233 IMG_3241

On the sponge sheet we layered raspberry jam but very thinly. Then we pressed tightly with our hands making a firm roll. To ensure the roll was tight we used the aid of a rack as shown below. We then refrigerated the roll overnight so that for the next day it’s well firm for cutting into slices.

IMG_3261 IMG_3270

The next day we unwrapped the roll from the baking paper and cut it up into slices. The slices resembling spirals were squished and squashed into the cake tin leaving minimum or no gaps. If there were gaps between the spirals, they were filled in with extra sponge.

IMG_3274 IMG_3278

Vanilla Bavarois, is basically two recipes added together. A recipe of creme anglais which is added to whipped cream. As for the Vanilla Bavarois, it seems I was so involved in the making of it that I forgot to take pictures. So, I will follow on with a basic explanation: We added dollops of Vanilla Bavarois but only half way up the cake tin. We smoothed this out with a spatula. Then, added griottines (liquered-up cherries) onto the cream. Over the griottines, we then added more dollops of Vanilla Bavarois but left enough space to place the the Biscuit a la cuiller. So, basically the Vanilla Bavarois is added in two parts. I forgot to take a picture of this. Ops.

Biscuit a la cuiller, is a soft biscuit, a similar diameter as the above cake tin. It’s made of egg yolks, granulated sugar, egg whites and flour. Then the mixture is piped in a spiral/escargot shape. It’s then baked. And what you have is soft biscuit which will act as the base of this cake. Refer to photos below. The biscuit is then plunged into Griottine syrup. This is made up of Syrup 1260, and Cherry griottine juice. We plunged the Biscuit a la cuiller into the syrup before placing it onto our cake. We then put a round paper disc over the top. Then froze the cake. The next day we turned it upside down. And voila! Roulade Griottines. Oh, one more touch. We glazed before sending it off to the in-house Ferrandi restaurant.

IMG_3313IMG_3314 IMG_3304 IMG_3333

Until the next Entremet. A bientot.

Miss Pirisi

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