IMG_3340 Mogador, this is what I call a midnight craving. A liqueured chocolate sponge layered over with chocolate mousse and raspberry confiture. Then, a fine decoration of fresh raspberries, more chocolate, and teeny-tiny leaves of gold to pamper a moment of luxe.

We know of the Mogador at Dalloyau and this is pretty much it because our Chef worked for Dalloyau. And, we’ve also heard the name Mogador attached to Pierre Hermes creations of passionfruit cake and the famous macarons. Outside of the world of patisserie, we have the Mogador Theatre in Paris. Last but not least, the origin of Mogador is in Morocco.

There are 7 parts to this recipe to prepare. No.8 is just placing the raspberries on top for decoration.

1.Chocolate Genoise (a sponge cake)
2. Raspberry Soaking Syrup
3. Raspberry Jam with Seeds
4. Chocolate Whipped Cream
5. Butter cream
6. Raspberry Glaze
7. Chocolate sheets (Chef did this)
8. Fresh raspberries

IMG_3283 IMG_3280

IMG_3297 IMG_3294

IMG_3303 IMG_3315

IMG_3317 IMG_3320

IMG_3332 IMG_3338

Until the next entremet.

Miss Pirisi.

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