The Babas

Here we are. We’ve arrived to the famous BABA au RHUM.

Babas, Savarins, Marignans are made of the same dough, pate baba, but each are different in shape. Each are soaked in syrup and drizzled over with rhum.

Warning: You can not, I repeat can not replace rum with something else, and call it Baba au Rhum. You will give French patissiers a heart attack and then kill all the childhood memories of  every Frenchman. The Baba au Rhum is a true French classic. A student in our class doesn’t drink alcohol and when she asked Chef if she could not use rum, I swear I thought Chef went blue for a milli-seconde before he errupted.

So, looking down to the photos:

The Baba Bouchon, is the mushroom shaped baba. Bouchon translates to cork, like cork for a bottle of Champagne.

Savarins are the donut looking babas with a swirl of whipped cream in the centre (and cherry on top). We made three types of whipped cream: pistachio, chocolate and classic traditional.

Marignans, I call them baba baguetts  because they open up like a baguette sandwich only with frothy whpped cream inside. Mmmhh……..

IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3099 IMG_3101

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