April, the 3rd month

The International Intensive Pastry Program runs for 5 months, for me, it’s February to June 2013. April began with a public holiday, Easter Monday. Therefore, no school. The 3d of April we had our second art class, ‘Art Applique’, with the Chef Patissier (M.O.F) and artist, Pascal Niau. The 4th of April was a day trip to the flour mill, Moulins de Cherisy.

Lab 023

Baba, Savarins, Marignans: Doughs, Sugar syrup and whipped cream (pistachio, classic and chocolate).

Succes:  Escargot piping into a large disc biscuit.

Pate Sucree: encore

Macaron de Nancy

Confectionary: Praline, Pate d’amande crue,Pate d’amande confiseur

Art Applique avec Pascal Niau

Art Applique (art application) is a course designed only for the International (Anglophone) Pastry students. Ferrandi prepares student’s to work in the world’s most elite and luxurious establishments – in the lab at school we concentrate on the construction, technique, science, taste and beauty. Art classes gives us the  skills used by artists (painters, illustrators) and architects so that we can plate a dessert for a Michelin restaurant or other 5 star establishment, we can design our own shop, and create a window display, as well as, creating pastries.

For the Art Applique course we receive an artist’s kit:

1. two professional sketch/illustration pads (both A4),
2. Windsor & Newton water colour paints,
3. Professional hand-made made in Germany paint brush,
4. Boesner artist’s graphite pencils,
5. Compass,
6. Colour wheel,
7. Sharpener,
8. Kneadable eraser (grey),
9. Classic pencil eraser (white),
10.Angle ruler (triangle),

Painting: using water colour paints on Bristol (A4) and Canson (A4) paper. Painting fruits and saveurs (tastes).

Sketching: eggs in 3D (shadowing), Perspective drawing

To be continued…….

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