Versailles Easter Monday

Versailles Le Grand Canal

Versailles Le Grand Canal

It was hard to believe that Spring came last week. But, today is the 1st of April, Easter Monday, and I’ve woken up to my weekend inspiration, blue sky. Aaah….. now we’ve arrived to Spring.

I’m jumping at the opportunity to head down to my favourite playground, Versailles. To walk along the grand canal and perhaps even take a bike ride. I’d like to visit the markets of Notre-Dame square but I’m not sure they’re open on Easter Monday. Either way, there’s always a place in the square for a cup of coffee and people/dog watching.

To add a little luxury and more summer feel to the long weekend, I’m thinking about La Terrasse du Trianon. I haven’t told mon cheri, yet, I have this plan.  I’ll take something smallish off the menu (not to completely kill mon cheri’s wallet). I love it here, you have the impression you’re on the Cote d’Azur minus the sea.

Before heading home, we’ll take une flute Gana (a long bread) from Le Boulanger Patissier Roussier on rue Hoche, just in front of the Notre-Dame church. The boulanger bakes the bread 3 to 4 times a day, therefore you always know you’ll get it straight from the oven. Nothing is better than the steam and crackle of fresh warm bread. Then a quick stop to the fromager before heading home for an afternoons aperitif. Don’t you just love long weekends?

Le Trianon Palace Versailles

Le Trianon Palace Versailles

I hope that your weekend is full of inspiration too. Bon weekend.

A bientot.
Miss Pirisi

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