Pain aux Raisins like escargots

They are shaped like escargots. They unwind like a yo-yo but you pull them apart like scotch tape. These puff pastry escargots are perfect when you envy the flakiness and crispiness of a croissant but you are famished and really want something more substantial. Pain aux Raisins, or as I call them, Escargots, have their interior filled with light pastry cream (cream patissiere) and rum soaked raisins.

I was really impressed with what we made today, and I think Chef’s recipe is the best Pain aux Raisins I’ve had – and i’ve been eating them since I was a kid. I believe it’s due to our puff pastry dough (plus my technique!), and a our pastry cream. The pastry cream uses no butter, and little flour but we add a full vanilla bean which gives a good full round flavour. Plus, the rum soaked raisins give that extra Ooomf.

Yesterday, we made the Pain au Raisins with Brioche dough, but I prefer the Pain aux Raisins of today because we made it with Croissant dough. As usual, make the detrempe and encase the butter inside of it. Then, roll out. Do a single turn, then a double turn. After refrigeration we rolled out the dough to the size of our wired racks. We then halved the dough horizontally. With one half we made traditional croissants (almond croissants for tomorrow) and the other half was to make the Pain aux Raisins, as shown below. We took our one half and spread a thin layer of pastry cream (mix well in a bowl to obtain spreadable texture). Then, from a pre-prepared batch we took a handfull of rum soakd raisins and sprinkled them over the pastry cream. Then, rolled the dough into itself. Cut into 9 pieces. Onto a baking tray with baking paper. Egg washed. Into the oven prover for 2 hours. Then, into the oven. And PUFF! you have puff pastry escargot beauties.

IMG_2309 IMG_2311 IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2303

6 pieces
Brioche or croissant* dough
Pastry Cream (Creme patissiere)
Sultanas or raisins

Roll out the dough about 15cm by 40 cm
Spread out the pastry cream in a thin layer
Sprinkle with raisins
Roll the dough on itself to make a roll
Cut in six slices
Place the slices on a buttered baking sheet and eggwash a first time
Let the pain aux raisins rise about two hours in a prover** at 30C
Egg wash a second time and bake at 220C
Finish with a blong glaze, syrup or glace a l’eau

* In class we preferred the pain aux raisins made with croissant dough.
** A prover is professional equipment, it looks like a fridge. If the prover is not available we can create our own type of proving action: cover the pain aux raisins with a plastic bag (the pastries are on racks and those racks are on a tall trolley and over the trolley we put a plastic film/bag).

[This recipe is the owner of Chef Patissier Averty from l’ecole FERRANDI. Last updated, February 2013]. 

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