Brioche Suisse

IMG_2373Since starting the pastry course I’ve had many, ‘Aaahh haaa, so that’s how you do it!, moments, when something is finally revealed to you after having wondered about it.

Brioche Suisse is one of those ‘Aaah Haaa!’ moments. I found out how you get those swirls into a round pastry cake – rolling dough into itself and then cutting rounds and placing them neatly in a round baking tin and as they cook they will expand and stick together, and VOILA you have one whole brioche cake, or Brioche Suisse! I refer to the very last photo.

In class, we could choose the flavour to fill the Brioche Suisse. I chose to layer my brioche dough with a marmalade confiture (made in an earlier class) and over this I sprinkled chocolate pelettes (64% Cacoa Barry). The scent of sweet oranges soaked in syrup & Cointreau and chocolate is such a perfect combination and agrees to every pheromone.

Once we finished layering the filling, we rolled the dough into itself. Then, divided into 7 rounds and placed them touching in a cake tin.  Then, into the proover. And before popping them into the oven, a coat of EGGWASH. And I write EGGWASH in capitals because it’s one of the steps frequently forgotten by students. We’re just too much in a hurry to get our little beauties baked and eaten!

IMG_2242 IMG_2246 IMG_2245 IMG_2237

Brioche Suisse recipe:
22cm diameter baking dish
Brioche dough, 300g
Pastry cream, 70g
Chocolate buttons, as many as you like
Rum soaked raisins, 50g
Layer of dough 20cm by 20cm


This recipe is from the student class recipe book, Anglo Pastry 2013, created by Chef Patissier, D. Averty of l’ecole FERRANDI . The recipe can be subject to change at the discretion of the Chef or any other Chef at any time. The success of this recipe depends on a number of factors such as the quality of ingredients, temperature and quality of appliances, temperature of the kitchen, skill of the student and/or patissiere and  timing. This recipe does not include additional notes taken by miss pirisi at the time of making the recipe.

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